Choosing the right infrastructure for your reseller business

  Whether you’ve settled on reseller hosting to make an extra buck, or you’re determined to start up your own web hosting company but want to do some market research beforehand, choosing the right equipment is an extremely important step to take. Reseller hosting can be a sure pathway to success if you make the right choices.

  Even if you are not well versed in the subtleties of server management and infrastructure, you can go about your reselling business by just following a few simple guidelines. With time, you’ll gain enough experience that you won’t need any guidelines. But for now, here are some important things to consider when choosing the right infrastructure for your business:

  • Enlisting the services of a reliable reseller hosting provider is paramount. You should be very thorough in your examination of the services they offer, everything from the equipment itself to an expert support team that you can reach anytime in case of a malfunction.

  • The main things you should look for in all reseller hosting packages are uninterrupted power and backup and efficient cooling. Other aspects, such as specific hardware brands, can vary and be negotiated (if possible) according to your own preferences and needs.

  • Choosing the right platform for your servers is also extremely important. The most popular operating systems out there are Linux and Windows. Linux is more sought-after by web developers, because it’s open-source, highly flexible and generally much less expensive than its counterpart. Windows, on the other hand, has the advantage of being more user-friendly, easier to setup and maintain. However, it is more expensive, as it comes with licensing fees for whichever version you purchase and far more rigid when it comes to modifying its software.

  • Last but not least, you should consider very carefully the costs of your business. Take your time selecting a service plan that is most suitable for your needs, and make sure your investment is not wasted. There are many factors to be taken into account, from the type of server being used, security, support, infrastructure to your own business needs and vision. Reliable reseller companies will usually provide all the guidance you need to make the right choice, as this will impact the success of your business later on.

  As a web-developer using reseller business to complement other IT services you provide or someone who’s looking to start up his own web hosting company someday, you can opt for reseller hosting to make your life easier, but only if you follow a few simple, guidelines to assist you in building your business.

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