has been acquired by Redcluster LTD

In a search to always improve our services, RedCluster LTD has chosen to purchase, thus ensuring new investments in infrastructure, staff, but also an improvement to the overall quality of services.

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been changed to reflect the change, along with a few improvements brought by the new company.

We will continue to effortlessly strive to offer excellent hosting services at great prices, like we always did, and the impact of the aquisition will be close to zero to our existing customers.

All of the prices that are shown on our website are final, and the price you get before an order is the total cost, including all the required taxes, depending on the jurisdiction of the customer.

We will always continue our effortlessly search to provide the cheapest rates on the market without losing any quality over it. New features are going to be added soon, along with new products!

For more information regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Thank you for choosing us to be your service provider!