Why should Windows be your server OS of choice?

  If you’re considering buying a dedicated server any time soon, it’s worth taking your time to think about all the ways in which you can customize it as per needs and preferences. Dedicated hosting is ideal for those who enjoy full access and control over the equipment they purchase.

  Many web hosts will leave the choice of operating system entirely to you, so you can select whatever you think it’s most suitable for your business ventures and of course, your budget. The two main options at your disposal are Windows Server and UNIX (of which there are many varieties, the most popular among them being Linux).

  Microsoft Server is a server operating system developed and sold by Microsoft. This web hosting environment supports popular programming languages and databases such as PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET and MS SQL. It is praised for its user-friendly interface, thus fit for less tech-savvy customers.

  Those well acquainted with Windows for desktops will generally gravitate towards Windows Server. The reason for this is that they can find familiar Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio and start using them right way, the accommodation process being thus quite short.

  Most customers who opt for Window Server utilize ASP.NET, a free web framework designed to build websites and applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Through ASP.NET, you can also create a database-driven website using Microsoft SQL. Overall, Windows Server is a versatile operating system, designed to accommodate most customer needs and demands. 

  With all that in mind, you should also consider the disadvantages of using Windows Server as a web hosting environment, the most important of them being the cost. With Windows Server, there are licensing fees for any version you purchase or comes pre-installed on your machine. On top of that, there aren’t many free applications in Windows Server, so if you need, for instance, to find scripts to run web boards, chat rooms, web stats, email for your Windows-based website, you will need to pay an extra buck.

  Because Window Server requires more computing resources than its competitor, UNIX, you will need a rather powerful machine on which Windows Server can operate properly. In a way, ties in with the financial aspect because it means that you will need to make a much bigger investment in terms of equipment if you want to run Windows on your dedicated server.

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