Combine the performance of a dedicated server with the flexibility and
affordability of a virtualized infrastructure.


The ideal hosting infrastructure

We have created our hybrid hosting solution starting from the idea that some apps and websites require features from both virtual and dedicated environments. Using modern virtualization technology on top of powerful dedicated servers, we provide hybrid servers with dedicated resources, at the affordable rate of a VPS.

Dedicated resources

Each hybrid hosting solution is installed on a dedicated HDD, giving your server top performance with total isolation, without being affected by the actions of anyone else on the server. You have access to resources at all times and they are guaranteed for you, meaning the CPU and RAM memory are reserved and always available.

Full root access

Through SSH, each customer has full root on their hybrid server and access to all commands and files. Because some scripts and software require access to the root directory to function properly, you can host any website or app just like you would do on a dedicated server, and use it as you wish as long as it respects our Terms of Service.

Virtual resource partitioning

Our hybrid infrastructure consists of powerful dedicated servers partitioned using virtualization technology with guaranteed hardware resources to ensure optimal performance and reliability. On each node we install a limited number of hybrid servers, each with his own HDD, resulting in a powerful but yet affordable hosting solution for your applications, online projects or websites.

Low contention rate

As part of our overall positive customer experience strategy, our infrastructure has a very low contention rate. This means that the overall resources of each hybrid server, such as CPUs, RAM memory, bandwidth and network speed are guaranteed and the potential maximum demand will never surpass the node's existing resources.

KVM Virtualization

Using the latest virtualization technology, each hybrid server can use the dedicated hardware to its full potential. By using QEMU, a modern hypervisor that performs hardware virtualization and can emulate a variety of unmodified guest operating systems, together with KVM, a virtualization infrastructure, each virtual machine runs at near-native speeds ensuring you get the maximum performance out of your hybrid server.

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Powerful Dell & Intel hardware

Fulfill complex business requirements with the next-generation of enterprise dedicated servers. Using only Dell PowerEdge dedicated servers, fitted with powerful Intel Xeon processors, we can maximize operational effectiveness and optimize the productivity of your company with streamlined and flexible hybrid hosting solutions, at an affordable rate.

Free Setup & No Minimum Contract

After completion of the order, each hybrid server is delivered to the email associated with the account, with everything set up, in maximum 24 hours. Without any installation fee, and no minimum contract associated with our service, we give our costumers total freedom over the management of their service which means they can cancel at any time without further fees.