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Looking forward to the future, the dediSTART team is always developing new ways to improve the web hosting experience for our customers while keeping the costs down.

For a web infrastructure to function properly, it sometimes needs features that only a dedicated environment can provide. Our dedicated hosting service allows customers to have full control of their server ensuring a smooth experience with maximum performance.

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Superior Customer Value

When your infrastructure demands resources that make other hosting options no longer a viable and economic choice, a dedicated server is the way to go. But when on a tight budget, sometimes a dedicated might seem too expensive.

dediSTART believes that a dedicated server should be affordable, allowing our customers to invest more in the growth of their business and less in the cost of running it, leaving that task to a dedicated web hosting provider.

Customer Care Center

When upgrading to a new type of hosting, migrating your infrastructure can be seen as a daunting task for the regular system administrator. Our team of highly trained IT experts are here to provide help with the migration of your web hosting data and ensure that your service remains online with an uptime of 100% at all times.

Because we believe that a professional and fast support service is at the heart of any web hosting service, our customer care center is online on a 24/7 basis.


Whether you are an individual that is running a private blog with thousands of daily visitors or an organization that has an online business with millions of monthly visitors, we ensure the privacy of our customers at all costs.

Our data center complies with multiple international privacy standards and uses redundant technology everywhere in order to guarantee it's 100% uptime, making us a perfect web hosting provider for anyone handling sensitive and private data.